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Welcome to Philadelphia Collection. It is your new portal of fashion and the path for your new knitted style. Choosing Philadelphia Collection is not just choosing any other fashion store, but choosing the best experience together with the best product you can get.

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Posted on October 21, 2017

There are different styles, and there are a lot of choices on how to add up spice to your style and make that look exceptional. Some use accessories or try the minimal look while others emphasize on one particular signature style. It may differ. The same goes with the knitted products which you could make use on to take your style to the next level.
Here are some knitted apparels you could use to unlock that newer version of you:

Knitted Scarf
Knitted scarves may be the perfect accessory you’ve been looking for which can spice up your style. They are available in plain colors—bright or dark, there are also a variety of patterns—easy or complicated ones, and there are as well short or long depending on the size and length which you desire.

Knitted Bags
Knitted bags should not be taken for lightly. They as well add up to your craze style. It can be your ‘it’ item or your signature item for the day. Aside from they are unusual, they are easy to make and affordable if you wish to buy them instead of making your own, they are also comfortable around.

Arm Warmer
Arm warmer may be the best way to showcase especially during winter or cold season. They come in different colors and different patterns as well, just like scarves. But they can as well be used as a fashion item. They are comfortable, flexible and stay in place even if you run or move around.

Knitted Capelet/Cardigan
Knitted capelet, as well as the cardigan, are considered to be best items to wear in at any time of the day. Whether it’s a long or short, cropped with patterns or with just plain colors, bright or not, they are the best for women, men, and even babies!

Knitted Beanie Hat
Knitted beanies are great for keeping our head during cold weather, but it doesn’t limit just there. It may be used even during not-so-cold weather conditions. Some let it just the way it is, and others wear it rolling the edges making it hugs close to the head.

Knitted Headbands
Headbands may be a good accessory to wear for women. It helps showcase and emphasizes our already beautiful hair. It spices up our hairstyles but what if you could spice it more up by not just wearing an ordinary hairband? Try knitted hairband for a more unique and fabulous look!

Knitted Socks
Cute socks, different patterns, colorful appearances, there are even socks which have imprints of our favorite heroes and heroines, so knitted socks? Why not?! It’s getting trendy today and why not display that bright red knitted socks you have in there?

Knitted Tops
How could we dare to forget? Knitted tops—be it in any form. Sweater, t-shirt, drop shoulder tee, wrap around top, snuggle pullover, and more is the best way to achieve any look you desire to get—the innocent and Miss-Goody-Two-Shoes kind of look, the sexy, the hot, the fancy, the fabulous or the classy one. Name it, and you’ll be able to get it.

While there are more items and products out there that line up for us to help bring the style we came to acquire to the next level. Still, the best outfit we could wear is our confidence. Confident in one’s self, in one’s talent, and in one’s skill. Believing ourselves that we can achieve any fashion and style we get ourselves into, believing that that talent and that skill is the sexiest outfit we could wear. It waves away the doubt, the insecurity, and the inferiority and gives way to a bolder, more confident version of you.


Philadelphia Collection is your online haven to explore and get your dream knitted apparels. It is the online store that makes your shopping experience to the whole new level as you browse down the products and get your picks that suit your fashion and style.We focus on the knitted apparels to feed the craving desire and the hunger for unique and exceptional knitted fashion.

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