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Welcome to Philadelphia Collection. It is your new portal of fashion and the path for your new knitted style. Choosing Philadelphia Collection is not just choosing any other fashion store, but choosing the best experience together with the best product you can get.

We promote experience and quality. Experience to feel good and confident about your style and to get yourself the best comforts you truly deserve. The finest of all were carefully selected to get you the best and to make you explore the possibilities of your style. To encourage you to be as different as you can get and to be confident for being different; to go beyond your comfort zones and to find freedom in enjoying the fun you get. To not just get the most of it, but to live every moment while it lasts. Because you deserve the best and we’re giving it to you.

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Philadelphia Collection is your online haven to explore and get your dream knitted apparels. It is the online store that makes your shopping experience to the whole new level as you browse down the products and get your picks that suit your fashion and style.We focus on the knitted apparels to feed the craving desire and the hunger for unique and exceptional knitted fashion.

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